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Safeguarding Democracy and Global Leadership.  The stability of our democratic system and America's pivotal role as the leader of the free world hangs in the balance.

There is a concerted indifference among some, who seemingly prefer chaos over order. A prime example is the continued support for Trump, who has shown a persistent inclination to undermine our democratic institutions. It is crucial to recognize that Trump is not the victim he claims to be; rather, we, the people, bear the consequences. While acknowledging that our democratic system is not flawless, it remains the best in the world, and we must shield it from threats like Trump and his followers.

In the current global landscape, President Biden faces challenges amid negative public sentiment, particularly in light of crises in Ukraine and Israel, along with escalating tensions from Iran, Russia, and China. Despite these obstacles and criticisms regarding his age and public support, the president demonstrates wisdom, empathy, and determination in steering the nation toward positive outcomes. Now more than ever, he deserves our support as he navigates a precarious tightrope.

Drawing from his extensive 28-year Navy career, Don has cultivated a deep sense of care for others, a perspective crucial in fostering a strong military as a deterrent to aggression. It is essential to dispel misconceptions about military professionals, who are more than mere "trained killers"; accountability lies with their civilian, politically-driven leaders. Don's firsthand experience during three tours in Vietnam exemplifies this dynamic.

Moving forward, it is imperative to take action. Supporting Ukraine and Israel is paramount, recognizing the unique challenges each faces. Both share a commitment to safeguarding the freedom of their people. In addition, the global media should exercise restraint in opining about ongoing conflicts and their aftermath. Journalists, despite the pressures of the 24-hour news cycle, should adhere to their primary role of reporting facts accurately and objectively. 

One of the most significant challenges elected officials face in prioritizing the nation's welfare is the influence of special interest groups.  Politicians need to resist the temptation of catering to narrow, self-serving agendas and remain focused on the broader interests of the country.

In our democracy, the cornerstone of the political system is the trust placed in elected officials to put the good of the country above all else. Our politics can only flourish when elected officials steadfastly prioritize the nation's welfare, make decisions that transcend personal interests and partisan divides, and work tirelessly to foster unity and progress. As citizens, we must hold our representatives accountable and ensure that they uphold the principles of democracy by placing the greater good above all else. Only then can our politics truly serve the best interests of the country and its people.

Although we haven't yet become Democrats, we will never again call ourselves Republicans.  As such, we will henceforth vote for the most qualified candidates for any office.  Our country needs true leaders who are not party loyalists!

Don prepared the research paper below during the 2016 presidential campaign. Being a lifelong Republican conservative, it was admittedly difficult to write.  His conclusions are as true today as they were then. Hope you  Click the symbol  fullscreen  from the menu bar below to read his paper in full-screen view. Click the symbol again to return to this screen.