Don's photography hobby

In my 80s, I find myself reflecting on the profound role photography plays in my life. It transcends being a mere collection of images; rather, it stands as a testament to the moments that have shaped the course of our lives.

Living in the digital age has heightened the significance of photography, transforming photographs and videos into unique windows to the past. I've come to truly appreciate the timeless importance of this medium. It beautifully captures the essence of my life's journey, preserving moments for generations to come.

Photography achieves this in myriad ways, starting with its ability to preserve precious memories. It captures fleeting moments, preventing them from fading away with time. Looking at photographs rekindles emotions, connecting me to long-forgotten memories and transporting me back to specific times and places. It allows me to relive cherished moments with loved ones and revisit personal triumphs.

As someone who has lived through significant historical events, photographs serve as a testament to my human experience. I leverage them to share my unique perspective with future generations, offering a glimpse into a world that might otherwise seem distant. Through websites and social media, especially Facebook, I use these platforms as my principal tools for sharing. They bridge geographical gaps, ensuring that distance does not sever our ties.

In my quest to learn more about my heritage through, a prominent American genealogy company, photography plays a vital role. It helps document my life experiences, providing an intimate glimpse into my ancestry. I hope that my photographs will become cherished family heirlooms, carrying with them the essence of my spirit and wisdom to enrich the lives of my descendants for generations.

Photography has become my creative outlet, allowing me to express myself artistically. Unable to sing, act, play an instrument, or paint a portrait, I've found solace in capturing the beauty of nature, everyday life, and events. It grants me the freedom to explore my creativity and share it with others.

Reflecting on my photographic journey, I recall my first camera, a Brownie box film camera, which was as ubiquitous as the Ford Model T. Over time, I transitioned to a Digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) until the advent of Smartphone cameras. Though initially inferior, they were easy to master. Switching to a Samsung smartphone marked a contented chapter in my photographic endeavors.

I emphasize that great photography is not solely about the camera but the skills of the person behind it. For me, photography is the ideal medium to explore and share my creative side. From scrapbooks to smartphones, the evolution of sharing has been remarkable. My latest addition, the Google Pixel 8 Pro, purchased in October 2023, has exceeded my expectations, boasting powerful camera systems and game-changing editing tools.

As I continue navigating life's journey, photography will remain an integral part of my existence, capturing the essence of who I am and the experiences shared with my wife, Pat. I welcome comments and suggestions via email at or text at 601-658-2808.

Thus far, my Pixel 8 pro has exceeded my initial expectations.  You can learn more about it by clicking HERE.

Note: Don has been experimenting with artificial intelligence (AI) image processing software (Fotor) which generates photo unrealistic artwork of raw photos.  Here are several examples of his work.

AI processed images

Don has been experimenting with artificial intelligence (AI) image processing software (Fotor) which generates photo unrealistic artwork of raw photos.  Here are several examples of his work.